About us and disclaimer

What is Compabo trading

The trading system developed by Compabo Trading & Investment is meant for short term trading. Let's say two weeks. We think it's impossible to give an opinion on the financial markets for a longer timespan. Sometimes two weeks is even too long. After two weeks the best way to invest is throwing a nickel in the air. One side is "buy", the other side in "sell ". With good moneymanagement, this technique is hard to beat.

Telling what the markets will do tomorrow is impossible too!

But it's possible to say something for 5 to 10 days, based on this graph. And on nothing else. But with tools like options, it's possible to make money in a timespan like that.

Look for the other indices on our blogs. And remember: This is a chart. A chart is not the market. It's a tool and Is present you the interpretation of what the tool tries to tell us. That's all. No advice, not to buy, not to sell. It's just my interpretation of this graph. There's a tab in de menu telling you what is expected in the past for today. Use it.

Do you want to use or show the graph on your site or blog? Be my guest. But a backlink to this blog would be great.